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You should have put a ring on it!

Beyonce's famous song, "Single Ladies," has little to do with what we are selling but it's definitely a song about possession and that's what I want to blog about today...

As a mum with a young child, I suffer all kinds of anxieties when it comes to my child's schooling, will he make friends, will he develop and learn, what naughty words will he come home with and very importantly will he return with his possessions? I'm not implying that my son goes to school with thieves, but the inclination to keep his things together or to even remember what he owns, is probably not high on his agenda.

In this modern day and age we are confronted with a lot of variety and an ease with which to get it, is it a good or a bad thing? Well in an effort to help my son retain his possessions I buy him an easily identifiable, distinctive and somewhat expensive school bag from the other side of the world that surely no one else will have, but alas, I feel defeated as another child strolls by with the same bag, so it seems his mother has also been on the same quest...

Now the worry is...will my son bring home his bag or someone else's?

So out comes the permanent marker, and we scribble his name indiscriminately on his bag, his bottle, his shoes, the shirt on his back even.... this seems to do the trick, but its certainly a task of up-keep..

In our haste to shimmy him off to school in the mornings, more to avoid that, "he's late again" look from his teacher rather than him missing out on his education.... we inevitability forget to re-name his things with that "permanent" marker..... that we've come to learn, lacks any real degree of permanence....and the day comes that his Batman bottle doesn't make the trip home, we do find it or what we think is it the next day..... it was in the lost property bin with two other nameless Batman bottles...

So NAMEme was born, where we engrave permanent and I mean permanent names into a range of stainless steel drink bottles and we produce hard-wearing and durable name tags for bags and shoes.

View our website if you want to see more or we welcome any comments, questions or requests for what you think we should name.